Vanessa Palmer, is internationally known for her work as a mindfulness trainer, breath-work facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher, self-help author and mindful documentary filmmaker who is passionate about pioneering the mindfulness movement into mainstream society. 


She is the founder of her own boutique, creative agency, The Mindful Agency and the founder of MindCurate ™ - a wellness and technology organization that currently teaches the mindfulness MindCurate Method™ to  corporations, organizations, schools and international retreats. Vanessa’s publishings, mindful talks and guided meditations have taught thousands of people how to incorporate simple, mindfulness meditation and breath-work techniques into their daily life to manage stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, addiction and PTSD. During her career, Vanessa has trained CEOs, business leaders, lawyers and students in mindfulness techniques to improve their work life balance and quality of their day to day life.


Vanessa has been teaching the art of mindfulness and the practice of this movement for over 15 years. She opened one of Chicago's first yoga & meditation  sanctuaries in 2004 in Lincoln Park and since then has travelled globally teaching yoga, meditation and working in the field of wellness and mindfulness. VANESSA is internationally certified in mindfulness meditation, pranayama (breath-work training), yoga and nervous system training. She is a certified instructor, registered with IKYTA and fulfills the Yoga Alliance RYT (registered yoga teacher) 220 hour requirement.


She is currently in continuing  education and training in the MBSR (Mind Body Stress Reduction) method developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn.