"Close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale.

That is a meditation."


 - Vanessa Palmer -

By becoming more mindful, often you will be able to bring the conflicting parts of yourself into greater harmony. You will notice things you never saw, heard or felt before and consequently you will feel more in touch with the world around you. 

My journey into becoming mindful started when I fell on a yoga mat at 28 in desperation to find my internal light and self-love. I read so many self-help books and sat on that yoga mat in front of my Buddha statue daily, burnt incense, lit a candle and just started the journey in.


It has been a long quest with new doors opening at every turn. I still do the work every single day and I will never stop, because something new always unfolds. I try to live my life like the flow of a Lotus flower and its cycle of daily rebirth through the muddy waters of life.


After many years of owning a yoga and meditation studio and brining two beautiful children into the world, something deep inside said to me, "write a book on your journey and keep it simple for seekers to be inspired to get on their path" - so I answered my souls calling.


OM FOR THE MOM is a simple formula on navigating the muddy waters of life through mindful living. It is not a book on parenting, or just for mothers - it's for any human being who is looking to balance life through a more mindful formula of living.